Magic Lantern RAW video kills H.264 for high ISO video! Are multiples of ISO 160 still right?

May 30, 2013 19:06 17 comments


We’ve talked a lot about the new Magic Lantern RAW video enhancements lately (and I’m afraid you’re going to keep hearing about it because it is a significant enhancement to the Canon DSLR video line) but you have also got to see this test!

It has been shown you get a lot more dynamic range and sharpness with the Magic Lantern RAW video, but how well can you handle higher ISOs in video? This video from Dustin J Tolman shows just how amazing this is! Here’s a screen grab I made from the downloaded original size.

High ISO sample (6400) from Dustin J Tolman’s test. Look at the difference between RAW and H.264! Click for larger view Read more




You’ll notice when you watch the video and you can see it in the sample above, there’s some additional ‘halo’ around the candle flame as compared to ISO 100 – but the total noise surrounding the flame is so much lower than H.264 video from the Canon EOS 5D Mark III!

While I’ve included the video below, if this sparks your interest, you should download the original video since Dustin has allowed downloads on vimeo.

Read also below what Dustin had to add when we asked him more! Plus, see what our forum moderator Squig has discovered about ISO 100 vs 160 in H.264 vs RAW below as well!

The past 2+ weeks have been pretty amazing! Just look at this coverage we’ve had!

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